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Why wisdom tooth symptoms should not be ignored

At some point in life, everyone develops wisdom teeth, which can be a confusing, frustrating and sometimes painful experience. For many people, the tooth will need to be removed. The reasons for wisdom tooth extractions include an impacted wisdom tooth, risk of infection or overcrowding and tooth damage.

Without regular, ongoing dental care, it’s likely that you won’t realise that your wisdom tooth is problematic until a problem arises. During a wisdom tooth examination, an x-ray will be taken to determine the position of the wisdom teeth, to see if space will be an issue when they erupt through your gum line.

An impacted tooth is usually unable to enter because there isn’t enough room in your mouth. It can cause a range of problems, some of them can be serious and can cause further problems that may need extensive treatments.

What happens if you ignore wisdom tooth pain?

– When a partially erupted wisdom tooth comes through, it can be hard to brush, making it vulnerable to decay. When you ignore the pain of wisdom teeth, your chance of developing cavities increases.

– A partially erupted wisdom tooth can cause bacterial infections to develop, causing inflammation and swelling of the gums. If a bacterial infection is left untreated, it may need to be treated with antibiotics. Infections can become systemic and affect the heart, kidneys and other organs due to the bacteria travelling from the mouth into the bloodstream. In severe cases, oral surgery may be needed to remove the gum flap.

–  Depending on how your wisdom teeth are growing, they may cause some damage to the surrounding teeth. The increased pressure that the teeth can cause may lead to numbness in your jaw and face. If you continue to ignore the issue, fluid-filled cysts may form around the wisdom teeth, which can lead to a hallowing of the jawbone.

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Ignoring wisdom tooth pain can lead to further problems, including infections, and may need a more extensive treatment.

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