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Why Is A Professional Scale And Clean Important?

A lot of people appreciate the feel-good fresh feeling after professional teeth cleaning (scale and clean) at the dentist. What a lot of patients don’t consider, is the importance of professional cleaning for their overall health and wellbeing. Here’s what you need to know about professional cleaning, and why it is generally included in routine check-ups and strongly recommended by dentists. 

What is a Scale and Clean?

A scale and clean is a professional treatment used to clean the teeth and gums. Dentists use professional tools to remove the accumulation of plaque and tartar that cannot be removed by regular tooth-brushing at home. It is a preventative health care measure and is usually performed at the same time as routine dental check-ups.

Scale and Clean Using EMS Airflow 

At Burnside Dental, our Adelaide dentists use the latest in modern dental technology, to give our patients the best clean possible. We have a team of dedicated oral health therapists and hygienists who offer gentle cleaning using EMS Airflow.

EMS Airflow is a device that releases a controlled stream of air, warm water, and a very fine powder onto the tooth. This is an extremely efficient method for cleaning with the following unique benefits:

  • Reaches small nooks and tough-to-reach areas
  • Removes food particles, plaque, discolouration
  • More comfortable for patients with sensitive teeth
  • Suitable for patients of all ages including children
  • Feels like a ‘dental spa’
  • Temperature can be adjusted to suit the patient
  • Can be used for other treatments like cleaning dentures, orthodontic brackets and implants 

A lot of patients actually prefer it to traditional cleaning methods. If you want to experience EMS Airflow, or have any questions about dental hygiene treatment please contact us at Burnside Dental Practice in Adelaide or make a dental hygiene appointment.

The Benefits of a Scale and Clean

Now, let’s get into the health benefits of getting your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

 1. Plaque and Tartar Removal 

It is natural for plaque to accumulate over your teeth and gums and a lot of this can be removed by regularly brushing your teeth. Plaque in hard-to-reach areas and missed areas when brushing, however, continues to build up and harden into tartar. A scale and clean is necessary to remove the plaque and tartar build-up that cannot be reached with regular teeth brushing and flossing.

2. Prevent Gum Disease 

As well as cleaning your teeth, a scale and clean also cleans your gums and keeps them in healthy condition. This is important for preventing conditions such as gum disease.

3. Prevent Tooth Decay

By removing all plaque, tartar and bacteria around the teeth and gums, professional cleaning helps to prevent tooth decay.

 4. Better Breath

Sometimes, bacteria in the mouth can lead to bad breath (halitosis). A scale and clean removes the source – the bacteria – and can lead to fresher breath overall.

5. Protect Overall Health and Wellbeing

The health benefits of a scale and clean go beyond your dental health. This makes sense as severe plaque and tartar can actually introduce bacteria into your bloodstream and other areas of your body. There have been numerous studies that associate good dental hygiene with better overall health with some suggesting a lowered risk of heart disease and strokes.

Book a Check-Up and Clean in Adelaide

If it’s been six months or more since your last check-up and clean, book an appointment with our dentists in Adelaide today. If you have any queries about dental hygiene treatment, EMS Airflow or tooth sensitivity, feel free to ask our friendly team today.