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Why Choose Burnside Dental for Your Dental Implants.

Dental implant adelaide

If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants are a restoration that can significantly change your life. The results last a lifetime as the implant itself is permanent, so it makes sense to take your time in choosing where to get the procedure done. Here are four tips to help you choose the right dental implant professional in your area.

1. Take note of their experience

If you are a nervous dental patient or simply want to be in the best hands possible, then you should consider choosing a dental professional with many years of experience for your comfort. You can be assured that any dentist who performs implant procedures in Adelaide follows the same set of high standards and rigorous regulations. The benefit of a more experienced dentist is the confidence, refined skills and knowledge that comes with those extra years of practice and seeing a lot of different patients.

2. Choose a convenient location 

This is not a day procedure. Getting dental implants takes months and multiple visits to your dentist. This is because the implant itself is inserted into the jawbone to act as a tooth root – it needs time to fuse to the bone to be a stable anchor for an artificial tooth. So, it’s ideal to choose a practice that is convenient for you to get to from home and/or work. 

3. Metal-Free options if you have an allergy or preference

There is nothing more frustrating than choosing a practice you are happy with, only to find out during your dental implant consultation that they do not provide allergy-safe options if you are sensitive to metal, plastic, or certain materials. A great alternative to the traditional metal implant is ceramic zirconia. Burnside Dental in Adelaide offers both implant options.

4. Payment options

Dental implant costs depend on numerous factors, including the type of dental implants chosen, the number required and your health insurance inclusions (if applicable). To meet your budget needs, investigate your health insurance details and the payment options offered by the dentist to see if they offer payment plans or other payment options.

Dental Implants Adelaide: Learn More

If you’re in Adelaide and wondering, “Where can I find dental implants near me that meet all of the above points?” The answer is Burnside Dental Practice. Our passionate team has a wealth of experience in dental implants and are always happy to help answer any queries you may have. Book a dental implant consultation with our team today to learn more.