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Time is running out to use your health insurance! Book in today

Time is running out to use your health insurance! Book in today

Where does the time go? 2022 is not just on the horizon, it is literally next month!

It can be so easy to lose track of appointments and deadlines for things like insurance throughout the year, especially when it’s been hectic and turbulent due to a Pandemic. So, here we are.

This is your gentle reminder to use your health insurance before the year is up!

We’ve heard all the excuses and objections, such as:

But I can’t be bothered seeing the dentist

If you are experiencing mild discomfort or pain in your teeth and keep putting off your check-ups – do not wait until you are in crisis mode looking up “is there an emergency dentist near me?” to come to us. This puts you at risk of your condition worsening and requiring more invasive and more expensive treatment.

I’m in Burnside, is there a cosmetic dentist near me that has end-of-year appointments?

Burnside Dental is centrally located near Burnside Village. We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments including veneers and teeth whitening to restore your smile and your confidence. Contact our dental cosmetic clinic today to learn more about your options and your health insurance cover. There’s no better way to finish off the year and use up your insurance than with a sparkling smile!

Make an Appointment: Dentist Adelaide

Burnside Dental in Adelaide is the preferred health-fund provider with most major health funds, minimising your out of pocket costs. Our experienced and caring dentists and oral therapists specialise in a comprehensive range of treatments including:

We are still taking appointments for December, so contact us or make a booking online to arrange your last dental appointments of the year and use up your insurance.