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How long does it take to recover from wisdom teeth removal?

Here’s a quick guide to how different factors impact wisdom tooth recovery. We’ve also provided an indication of the recovery time you may be able to expect from different wisdom tooth extraction scenarios. Of course, these are all averages to give you a general idea, we recommend that you do not take these as gospel especially if you are planning high-impact or high-stress activities following your surgery. 

The Short (Inconvenient) Answer

No one can give you a definitive answer of how long it will take you to recover. Especially before the surgery is undertaken. Recovery times will vary from person to person. Many people recover from wisdom teeth surgery in three to four days. Recovering from impacted wisdom teeth removal usually takes longer, it may be about one to two weeks.

How Many Wisdom Teeth Are Being Removed?

Recovering from surgery to have all four wisdom teeth extracted is going to be more intense than a single wisdom tooth extraction. If you’ve only removed one wisdom tooth your recovery could be as little as a few days whereas, removing multiple wisdom teeth could mean having a period of a few weeks before you can eat normally again.

Is Your Wisdom Tooth Impacted?

If a wisdom tooth is impacted, it means there is not enough space for the tooth to erupt or grow normally. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause problems such as pain, discomfort, higher risk of infection and damage to neighboring teeth. So, surgery to remove impacted wisdom teeth can involve more invasive processes such as cutting into the gums.

 Depending on the position of the tooth and whether it has caused an infection, impacted wisdom tooth extractions can take a longer amount of time to perform, sometimes upwards of an hour. This will translate to a longer recovery time. Generally, impacted wisdom teeth will take longer to heal than those that are not.

Surgery Complexity

Wisdom tooth costs and procedures can vary significantly depending on complexity. Some examples of complex procedures that have longer recovery times include: 

  • Impacted wisdom tooth extractions
  • Procedures that require hospitalisation
  • Procedures that require a specialist
  • Procedures that involve removing teeth in pieces 
  • Sleep dentistry 

The dentist will explain the anticipated complexity of your wisdom tooth extraction during the consultation so you will have an idea of what to expect in terms of the procedure, healing and the wisdom teeth removal price.

Wisdom Tooth Position: Upper or Lower

Something that is commonly overlooked is the difference between upper and lower wisdom teeth. A lot of the time, extractions of upper wisdom teeth that are not impacted can be quite similar to regular teeth extractions. 

Upper wisdom teeth are generally easier and quicker for dentists to remove in-chair. These teeth are smaller, require less time to heal and involve a less uncomfortable healing process. They may heal as quickly as a few days!

Following After Care Instructions

Taking the right after-care measures as instructed by your dentist will ensure your recovery is smooth as possible. Do not rush getting back to work and doing strenuous exercise before you feel ready, take your time to heal so that you can prevent complications that will extend your recovery time such as dry socket. 

Schedule an Appointment For Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Adelaide

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort due to your wisdom teeth, book an appointment right away with our dentists in Adelaide. If you are experiencing a severe toothache, contact us to see an emergency dentist. The sooner your wisdom tooth condition is assessed and treated, the better your chances are of it being a smoother process with a smoother recovery time.

If you are nervous about procedures such as wisdom tooth extraction, our dentist in Adelaide offers a variety of sedation options. As well as extractions / wisdom tooth extractions, our clinic offers dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and more.