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Getting a same day crown: How does it work?

At Burnside Dental Practice, we offer cerec same day crowns and ceramic fillings in Adelaide. With years of experience, our experienced dentists aim to restore the function and strength of your tooth in one appointment.
Our friendly dentists use the CEREC™ system, which completes dental crowns or fillings in the same day. With fewer injections, fewer drillings, you’ll save time in your schedule with our same day crown dentist in Adelaide. CEREC™ uses cutting edge technology to create restorations that make you look and feel great.

How do CEREC same day crowns and fillings actually work?

To begin, your dentist will examine your teeth to determine the most appropriate treatment. They will then administer anaesthetic and prepare the tooth for the restoration by removing any decayed tooth tissue. This is standard procedure for many other tooth restoration treatments. 
The CEREC™ software takes a picture of your tooth and converts the image into a virtual 3D model. Our dentists use the 3D model of your tooth and CEREC™ software to design your same day crown. With a click of a few buttons, your dentist will then send the completed design to our in-clinic milling machine to be cut from ceramic.

The milling machine only takes about 10-20 minutes to finish creating your CEREC™ crown, much faster than the standard 2-week wait time. Your colour matched, ceramic crown or filling is finished, ready to be secured in place. Your dentist checks the fit of your newly made crown or filling, and then polishes and binds it to the prepared tooth. Your new ceramic crown or filling is now complete! In one appointment, your tooth is restored. 
Unlike other restoration processes, our CEREC™ same day crowns don’t need return visits and ‘temporary’ fillings. If you need a same day filling or crown in Adelaide, call Burnside Dental on (08) 8365 2557 or book online now. Don’t wait unnecessarily when you can have your tooth restored today!