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General dental services

At Burnside Dental & Implant Centre, we provide dental care for families in the Beaumont area of Adelaide, including Kensington Park and Hazelwood Park, and offer helpful business opening hours that are convenient for family life. In addition to a full range of general and preventative dentistry services, such as check ups and cleaning, our dentists also specialise in a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dentistry, including whitening, veneers, crowns and implants, as well as extractions and straightening.

As one of the most experienced and respected dentists in Beaumont SA, we welcome new patients in Kensington Park, Hazelwood Park and the surrounding area, while the location of our practice means that it’s easy to find regardless of which area of Adelaide you live in. As part of a general dental care package, your dentist will review your oral health at regular check ups, and enter into a plan with you and a hygienist regarding periodic cleanings. 

Our dentists work with patients in any age range, including providing specialist dental care for children, which means your Beaumont dentist is able to review and care for the oral health of your whole family all in a single location.

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Specialist dental services

Our Beaumont dentist team also specialises in a full range of restorative and cosmetic dental surgery, designed to find, repair or replace any chipped, damaged, discoloured or missing tooth affecting your smile and overall oral health Dental implants We are one of the most experienced dentists in Beaumont SA at fitting dental implants. 

The process involves having an implant inserted into the appropriate location in the jaw bone, which over time fuses with the bone and becomes permanently fixed in place. A customised artificial tooth is then fitted to this post. Dental implants look entirely natural and are comfortable when in place. In addition, patients are able to eat and chew as normal, and maintain a regular hygiene routine. 

Dental veneers 

When chipped or broken teeth need to be repaired, or you want to whiten a discoloured tooth, dental veneers are an excellent solution. Your Beaumont dentist can fit both composite resin and porcelain veneers that are customised to your mouth and which will brighten your smile. Once fitted, veneers don’t impact on speech, and enable you to brush and floss normally. 

Crowns and ceramic fillings 

At our Beaumont dentist clinic, we use the CEREC™ system for dental crowns and ceramic fillings. The key benefit for patients is that fitting can be completed in a single appointment, saving you from having to spend a load of significant time away from business or school. 

ZOOM tooth whitening 

Our dentists employ the Zoom tooth whitening process, which utilises specialist technology and involves treatment at our Beaumont SA 5066 clinic location, combined with a take home kit. The results are a stunningly bright smile at any age. 

Invisalign clear dental retainers 

Invisalign is a new form of cosmetic dentistry technology that has superseded conventional metal braces. They are especially popular with children as they are virtually invisible, more comfortable than traditional braces, and don’t stop you enjoying food and drink. 


Our Beaumont dentists are vastly experienced in the fitting of removable dentures to replace missing teeth, both when the full set or just a few need to be replaced. We can produce dentures using a variety of different materials, based on your specific needs.

our Beaumont dentists are dedicated to your oral health

We are proud to be a trusted local Beaumont dentist, and everything we do is dedicated to delivering quality dental care for your whole family. Burnside Dental & Implant Centre is open until 7pm three nights a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (and until 5pm on Mon and Fri), to make it easier to select a dental treatment time that fits in around business, work or school commitments.

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To find out more information about our opening hours or location, to book an appointment, or to learn more about the dentist team at our Beaumont SA 5066 practice, simply enter your details on the contact form , or call us on (08) 8364 2557. A member of the team will review your needs, and then select a convenient range of times for your appointment.