Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Gentle Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, grow at the back of the mouth during early adulthood.

They grow behind all your fully developed adult teeth, and there often isn’t enough room for these teeth to emerge normally. When this is the case, your wisdom teeth can sometimes grow sideways or only partially erupt.

These teeth often get stuck or impacted and could pose a risk to your oral health and wellbeing. Impacted wisdom teeth can damage adjacent teeth, are difficult to clean and are more vulnerable to infection, decay and abscess.

When you come in for your examination appointment, we identify any problems that may be present.

To diagnose potential issues, we take a panoramic radiograph (OPG). Depending on your situation, we sometimes also require a cone beam or 3D x-ray to discover the exact positioning of the teeth in relation to the structures adjacent to the impacted area.

Depending on the complexity of the position of your wisdom teeth and your personal sedation preference, we may recommend removal under local anaesthetic or IV sedation with a special anaesthetist in our rooms.



Wisdom Tooth Extraction Xray

If you have been experiencing any pain, discomfort, swelling in your gums, jaw soreness, or a bad taste around the wisdom teeth areas, it’s a good idea to book an appointment and have them checked by our dentists.

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