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Are you unhappy with the colour of your teeth? Teeth whitening is an affordable, fuss-free cosmetic procedure which can help to improve the appearance of your teeth. Coffee, wine, cigarettes and food stains can all cause your teeth to discolour over time. Teeth can also naturally yellow as we get older, meaning that discoloured teeth are a telltale sign of ageing. Regaining confidence in your smile could be as simple as booking in for a teeth whitening consultation with our qualified dental professionals. At Burnside Dental Practice, we treat teeth and gums with care, and make sure your individual needs are discussed, and looked after.

Teeth Whitening With Zoom

Zoom Teeth Whitening is a quick, and reliable procedure to help you get the smile you have been dreaming of. The procedure will save you a lot of time, which consists of shining the Zoom Light to the exposed teeth. Whitening gel is applied to the teeth assisting in the removal of stains and discolouration. After the procedure is complete, our qualified hygienist/therapist will provide you with a take home kit, to ensure your newfound smile stays for as long as possible.

It’s important to note that Zoom Whitening is a cosmetic procedure that uses specialised technology, requires precision, and should only be performed by a qualified dentist. A DIY job, or getting Zoom Whitening from someone who isn’t trained can cause painful damage to your teeth and nerves, including burns, irritation, sensitivity, and inflammation.

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At Burnside Dental and Implant Centre, we believe that quality treatment should be easily accessible for you and your family. For your convenience, we accept all major health funds to ensure your smile transformation journey can begin immediately.

A range of finance options and payment method plans are also made available for our general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and implant services so you can smile now and pay as you like.

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