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Protection For Your Teeth

Mouthguards are recommended for both children and adults who want to minimise their risk of dental trauma. There are many dental injuries which occur each year from sports, which could have been avoided with a mouthguard. Many of these are children who were not wearing the proper dental protection.

A Mouthguard Is A Vital Part Of Your Child’s Sports Kit.

At Burnside Dental Practice, we create custom-made mouthguards in Adelaide that will protect your child’s teeth and the surrounding structures from injury during high impact activities.

A custom sports mouthguard is a brilliant way to keep your child athlete smiling both on and off the field. Unlike the generic mouthguards that can be purchased over-the-counter, a custom-made protective mouthguard is designed to be comfortable, and shouldn’t fall out of your child’s mouth during play, or inhibit their breathing and speech, making it easier for them to wear while playing.

The optimal mouth guard option is a custom sports mouth guard, fitted by your child’s dentist. Made out of the highest-quality, longest-lasting materials, designed to fit your child’s teeth perfectly, these guards are superior at minimising injury. A properly fitted dental mouthguard will help protect your child’s mouth in the event of a blow that could potentially cause some serious damage to their teeth, soft tissue and jaw.

Injury to the face could potentially cause serious damage to a child’s mouth, teeth, soft tissue and jaw, our custom sports mouthguards in Adelaide are a superior way for your child to protect their teeth coming into footy season, or any other sport.

Prevention Is The Key To Our Philosophy

Our focus is on preventative dentistry with education and awareness of good dental habits. Your child’s first dental appointment should be no later than their first birthday, and it is highly recommended that they have an examination and clean every six months.

Burnside Dental Clinic aims to create a good dental health foundation that will help your child keep their natural teeth for life.

If your child plays sports, it is vital that they are fitted with a custom sports mouth guard. A properly fitted sports mouthguard will help to protect your child’s mouth during any sport that they play.

Mouthguard adelaide
sports mouthguard adelaide

Why A Mouthguard Is A Vital Part Of Your Sports Kit

Mouthguard adelaide
Custom sports mouthguard option

At Burnside Dental in Adelaide, we can keep you smiling on, and off, the field. A custom made mouth guard that is fitted by your dentist at Burnside Dental Practice is the best option to prevent dental trauma. These guards consist of the highest-quality, longest-lasting materials and are designed to fit your teeth perfectly, enabling the guards to minimise injuries to the greatest extent.

Unlike the ‘stock’ mouthguards available over-the-counter, custom-fitted mouthguards are designed to be comfortable. They shouldn’t drop out your mouth during play or inhibit breathing or speech, making them easier to wear while playing.

A properly fitted mouthguard will help protect your mouth in the event of a blow that could potentially cause some serious damage to your teeth, soft tissues and jaw.

For children who are losing their baby teeth a mouthguard can be custom made to allow room for the adult tooth to erupt. Also with children who have braces/orthodontics in place it is highly recommended for a custom made mouthguard to be worn for sport as a custom made mouthguard will allow a correct fit over the fixed appliances to protect both teeth and braces.

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