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​​It is not uncommon to experience anxiety before a dentist appointment. Often the fear of dental procedures can prohibit you from even the most basic dental care. Your dental fear may have been caused from a childhood procedure or even developed when you started getting dental pain. Sedation dentistry helps fearful patients relax during dental procedures so that they don’t compromise their oral health.

At Burnside Dental and Implant Centre we are understanding and here to help to ensure a more comfortable experience. If you suffer from dental anxiety we don’t want you to be embarrassed as this is more common than you think. Please let us know when you book your appointment or when you arrive at the practice. We’ll help you to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

There are several forms of sedation such as Nitrous oxide (“Happy gas”), Oral Sedation and IV Sedation.

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Nitrous Oxide (happy gas)

Nitrous oxide is a common method of sedation. With this method of sedation, you are relaxed within minutes. When the Nitrous Oxide is stopped you complete your method of sedation with Oxygen and your return to normal within minutes. For patients who are anxious regarding local anaesthetic as well background noise of dental equipment this is an ideal option.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is an option to help relieve anxiety so you are comfortable. Most often this is taken about 1 hour prior to your procedure. The result is a relaxed and calm mood which will allow the dentist to effectively do what they are supposed to do.
Oral sedation relaxes patients, but can also make you feel drowsy. It is important that someone brings you along to the appointment so you can safely make it there and back.

Sedation Dentistry in Adelaide

IV Sedation

IV sedation (or twilight sedation as it is often referred as) is the use of pharmacological agents which are administered intravenously to calm and relax patients. This is an effective method for managing moderate to severe dental anxiety and is also an ideal option for patients needing extensive dental treatment such as extractions, implant treatment, grafting, sinus lifts as well as other surgical procedures. However, any dental procedure can be performed.

Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

What to Expect with IV sedation

On the day of the procedure you will be asked to arrive slightly earlier than your appointment time you will also be asked to fast for 6 hours prior for food and 2 hours for water.

The IV sedation is performed by one of our visiting specialist anaesthetist who will speak to you prior to your procedure and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. A medical history form is completed at the time of booking and forwarded to our visiting anaesthetist prior to your procedure.

Once it is confirmed for the IV sedation to be established, an intravenous line is set-up and the sedative and any pain relieving drugs are administered via this IV line. You will feel instant relaxation within a few minutes. IV sedation is a much ‘lighter sleep’ than a full general anaesthetic you will still be able to hear and respond to the dentist or anaesthetist but you will feel as if you are falling in a ‘light sleep’.

Following your procedure you will remain with our registered nurse post treatment where you will be monitored until you are feeling comfortable and alert. Post op instructions will be given to you take home.

It is important to have a responsible adult who will escort you home and remain with you for at least 24 hours after your procedure. Within this time, you must not drive or operate machinery. We are unable to allow you to leave on your own in a taxi/uber following your procedure and this will result in the procedure not going ahead.
There are sometimes exclusions to IV sedation treatment and if IV sedation is not suitable for you then we can suggest alternative options to help get the dental care that you need.

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