Oral Therapists and Hygienists

Maintain a Healthy Smile

At Burnside Dental, we have three qualified Oral Therapists at our Adelaide practice Parwin, Lauren, and Thu to take care of your hygiene needs.

Our team are trained oral health therapists and hygienists. Oral health therapists are specially trained to treat children, and provide routine dental care, fillings, and simple extractions for both children and adults. They also help to educate children and their parents in the best methods to practice good dental hygiene. We love seeing children learn good habits early, and will help parents teach their kids great oral health practices.

A long-lasting healthy smile starts with their baby teeth!

Oral Health Therapists and Hygienists Team

Our hygienists work together with the dentist to provide high quality hygiene services and preventive dental care.

As we are a preventative dental practice, our oral therapists and hygienists are focused on providing educational and therapeutic methods to achieve and maintain oral health.

Not only are they able to assist with the cleaning, polishing and infection control of your teeth, but can also provide education on dental health, decay and plaque prevention, and general oral hygiene.

They also take care of our teeth whitening service, as well as x-rays and impressions for mouthguards and nightguards.

Seeing an oral therapist or hygienist regularly isn’t only about looking after your dental health.

Oral health has been linked to the health and wellbeing of your body overall. Dental health may be linked to heart disease, diabetes or other chronic conditions, so taking preventative measures to keep your smile healthy is important.

Education and regular visits to our oral therapists help us act on potential issues before they occur which could minimise cost and problems later on. Ultimately, this gives you the best opportunity to keep your natural teeth for life.

The experienced team at The Burnside Dental Practice looks forward to welcoming you at your appointment. Book in with our oral health therapists and let us tailor a dental hygiene plan to suit your needs.

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