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At Burnside Dental Practice, preventative dental care is important to us in maintaining your optimum oral health.

We recommend regular hygiene visits to assist in maintaining your oral health. This also helps to identify any areas that may have the potential to cause problems, if left untreated. Poor oral hygiene can also have an impact on one’s self confidence. For example, poor oral hygiene can often result in bad breath, making people more self-conscious when talking to others.

It may seem like a contradiction of terms, but if you want to avoid seeing a dentist, visit the hygienist. Our lifestyle, brushing habits and other factors, all affect our oral hygiene health. If you visit the hygienist regularly, and follow the advice you are given, you are far more likely to avoid needing to visit the dentist for ongoing treatment. Remember, it’s all about prevention.

Educating our clients on good oral hygiene is high on our priority list. Once one of our Oral Health Therapists/Hygienists has assessed your current dental care routine, they can then give you suggestions to help assist, and improve, your oral health care to ensure you can keep your mouth as disease free as possible

Our Oral Hygiene Team

All of our Oral Health Therapists & Dental Hygienists are skilled, and dedicated to working with our patients in the maintenance of their oral health. They have had extensive training that focuses and specialises in the prevention, and treatment, of oral disease.

What is an Oral Health Therapist (Extended Scope)?

An Oral Health Therapist has gone through the additional studying and training that qualifies them to provide dental care, for children up to the age of 18. Our Oral Health Therapists have done additional training (extended scope) to allow them to treat adults for a range of dental treatments, from routine dental cleanings, to managing periodontal issues, as well as dental restorations.

What is a Dental Hygienist?

A Dental Hygienist is a qualified dental clinician, whose areas of expertise are on routine dental cleaning, managing periodontal issues, as well as preventative care. They provide professional, and technical dental cleaning, to help maintain or improve your oral health. To book an appointment with a Dental Hygienist in Adelaide, call us today.

Guided Biofilm Therapy Treatment

Guided biofilm treatment in Burnside

Biofilm is a cluster of more than 200 million bacteria, and if it is not treated, it develops into biofilm, which can cause gum disease.

Our Hygienists, or Oral Health Therapists, may place a coloured dye onto your teeth, to make any present plaque or biofilm visible. They can then show you areas of your mouth that need to have more time spent on them when you are brushing. They will also use the airflow to remove the plaque build-up.

EMS Airflow

At Burnside Dental Practice, we like to offer the latest in modern technology, to give our patients the best clean possible. The EMS Airflow releases a controlled stream of air, warm water, and a very fine powder onto the tooth. It also reaches areas that are tough to reach, and removes food particles, plaque, discolouration, and stains. It is a high pressure water/air stream that cleans your teeth efficiently and comfortably. The temperature of the water being released can be set to a temperature to make sure you feel comfortable. It can also be used on people with sensitive teeth. It’s like a ‘dental spa’ for your teeth.

In addition to a routine dental cleaning, the Airflow can be used for other various types of treatments including cleaning of dentures, and orthodontic brackets and implants.

If you want to experience EMS Airflow, please contact us at Burnside Dental Practice in Adelaide to make a dental hygiene appointment.

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