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We are specialists in fitting full or partial dentures to replace missing teeth, and which are custom designed in a variety of materials to look entirely natural. As Adelaide dentures specialists, we also undertake denture repairs to give you a new smile and restore your self confidence.

Replace missing teeth with affordable dentures

Dentures are designed to be removable, and are a short- or long-term solution for the replacement of broken, damaged or missing teeth.

Our dental prosthetist team can fit full dentures to replace an entire set of missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw, or alternatively partial dentures to replace a smaller number of teeth.

Although dentures are made to be strong and last lasting, even the most durable dentures can become chipped or cracked. It can also be that, over time, dentures start to fit less well and become uncomfortable to wear. In this scenario, we can undertake comprehensive denture repairs that will successfully restore your smile.

We can also replace lost dentures, reline loose dentures, or undertake emergency denture repairs, if required.

What are dentures made of?

We make new dentures using a range of materials, including cobalt chrome, acrylic resin and porcelain. In addition, we design and fit different new denture styles depending on your specific needs, including complete dentures, partial dentures and implant supported dentures.


Full or partial dentures?

Partial dentures are created to replace a limited number of lost teeth, and so will usually be surrounded by the natural teeth that remain in place in your mouth.

Full dentures will replace a complete set of upper or lower teeth, or in some cases both.

We can also create implant supported dentures, where dental implants are used to ensure that dentures stay firmly in place permanently, or to ensure that removable dentures are stable and fit securely. Between two and four dental implants can be put in place as part of this process.

The benefits of having new dentures fitted

In addition to improving your smile, a further aesthetic benefit to having new dentures fitted is that they prevent the face from sagging by filling out the jaw and gums where missing teeth have created gaps. There are a number of practical benefits to be gained from a new denture too. For instance, when you replace lost or missing teeth, speaking becomes easier and clearer once more. You are also able to chew and eat properly, and begin to enjoy food and drink again. You will also be able to maintain a regular oral health and hygiene regime.

Why so many people choose us for their Adelaide dentures

We provide affordable, quality dentures and offer all our patients friendly, personalised care at every stage of the process. Our goal is always to find the right solution for your specific needs, lifestyle and budget, and help you to create a new smile to show off your new teeth. 

Please note that any surgical, or invasive procedure, carries risks, so it’s important to consult with a dental prosthetist before deciding to proceed with having new dentures and replacing missing teeth. Please feel free to get a second opinion at any time. To find out more about dentures, Adelaide patients can call our dental laboratory on (08) 8364 2557, or email us at admin@burnsidedental.com.au.

Our dental prosthetist team answer your denture FAQs

What would have once been called removable false teeth are now generally referred to as full dentures. The term is used when the full set of upper or lower teeth (or both sets) are replaced with false teeth that attached to a cobalt chrome, porcelain or acrylic base, which is removable and designed to look as natural as possible. A partial denture is designed to fill a smaller space in your jaw and gums, where artificial teeth will be interspersed with your remaining natural teeth.

When it comes to new or replacement dentures, Adelaide patients naturally want the process to be as quick and as possible. At our dental laboratory, we generally aim to have dentures ready to be fitted between one to two weeks after your consultation, depending on whether its a partial denture or complete dentures, and how many teeth need to be replaced.

A partial denture or a set of full dentures can be expected to last between 6 and 8 years, provided you continue to care for your oral health and visit our Adelaide dental practice for a check up every six months.

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