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Why are dental implants a solution for missing teeth?

If you you need to have missing teeth replaced (as a consequence of gum disease, for instance), dental implants can provide an attractive, long lasting solution. Among their many benefits, tooth implants can help to restore your smile, enable you to chew and eat with greater comfort, and improve your overall oral health. 

Anyone with a missing tooth or has lost multiple teeth will know that it can have both a physical and psychological impact. It can make it more difficult to eat and swallow, for instance, as well as impacting on your ability to speak clearly. In addition, when teeth are missing, it can mean that your face sags, affecting appearance and self confidence. Dental implants, however, offers a highly effective tooth replacement solution. 

At Burnside Dental Practice & Implant Centre, we are specialists in dental implants, and at an initial consultation will talk you through the many different options with regard to damaged teeth that are open to you, such as fitting a single dental implant or multiple implants.

There are many different types of implants such as Titanium and Ceramic.

Unlike other forms of cosmetic dentistry, dental implants are designed to replace the whole tooth, rather than simply cover or coat the surface. There are a variety of different options when it comes to teeth implants, and so your oral surgeon will work closely with you to determine whether your mouth, remaining natural teeth and overall oral health will be better served through implant dentistry or another form of dental surgery.

Advantages of teeth implants for dealing with lost teeth and gum disease

One of the key advantages of dental implants is that they are more convenient and comfortable to wear than removable dentures and other available procedures for replacing damaged teeth.

In addition, after dental implant surgery it can be significantly easier to maintain oral hygiene routines, ensuring your natural teeth remain healthy while also giving you greater confidence with regard to fresh breath.

Dental implant treatment also helps to enhance speech capacity, ensuring that you are better able to communicate with family and friends.

On a more practical level, the results of implant dentistry are strong, highly durable and long lasting, which means you get significant value from the dental implant cost you incur.

What is the dental implant procedure?

At Burnside Dental and Implant Centre, we generally undertake dental implant treatment in four distinct stages, so that the procedure is as effective and easy to manage as possible.

Preparing for implant dentistry

At an initial consultation, your dentist will undertake a comprehensive examination in order to determine whether dental implant surgery is the appropriate solution to tackle your damaged teeth or periodontal disease, based on your current needs and medical history.

Devising an implant treatment plan

Armed with the information gained from an initial consultation, we will devise an effective plan for fitting replacement teeth where there has been loss or damage, but which at the same time will also be beneficial for your remaining natural teeth. As part of the process, scans and x-rays will be used to determine the ideal implant placement position, based on your gum tissue, surrounding teeth, and any dental issues you may be experiencing due to bone loss.

Implant surgical procedure

The surgical process involves dental implants being inserted into the jaw bone, where they will, over a period of roughly three months, fuse with the bone structure of the jaw and so become permanently fixed in place, essentially serving as a base or anchor. The next step is then to fit a customised artificial tooth on to the implant post, with the net effect being an entirely natural looking and more confident smile, along with much improved health and wellbeing.

Healthy patients after implant surgery

Your dentist will work in partnership with you to help you maintain your new artificial teeth, as well as your remaining real teeth. Good oral hygiene and regular dental check ups will be essential to maintaining the health of both your teeth implants and your natural teeth. This not only means that your teeth, gums and jaw bone remain in good health, but also that you continue to get value for money from the dental implants cost incurred.

Dental implants to meet your specific needs

Teeth implants adelaide

As Adelaide dental implant specialists, we can offer a variety of implant dentistry to suit patients’ needs, based on how healthy gums and tooth roots are, as well as how many teeth need to be replaced and whether more than one implant is required. This is why we offer single tooth implants, multiple dental implants, and all-on-four implants

Single tooth implants

There are a variety of reasons as to why you might have a missing tooth; it might be due to an accident, the onset of periodontal disease, or the result of tooth decay. In this scenario, the missing tooth can be replaced with a single dental implant and an implant crown. In this case, a dental implant will be designed so that both the missing tooth and its root are replaced, ensuring there is no further deterioration of the jaw bone, and that the surrounding natural teeth are not impacted. 

A single dental implant will look and feel natural 


A key benefit is that that the new tooth will look and feel entirely natural, and so will be virtually impossible to spot. Oral hygiene also presents no problem, as with a dental implant you can maintain your regular cleaning regime.

When more than one implant is required

When multiple teeth are missing, an implant supported by dental bridges may provide an effective solution, e.g., to replace a bridge which is no longer comfortable to wear, or in place of a partial denture. The key difference between implants and bridges, however, is that the former do not affect your remaining natural teeth, while at the same time looking entirely natural and being extremely comfortable to wear.

All-on-four implants replace whole sets of missing teeth

All-on-four implants can be fitted as a replacement for an entire upper set or lower set of teeth (or both). Four dental implants are embedded in the jaw bone, and these then have a set of artificial teeth attached to them. Crucially, they look and function just like natural teeth, and enable you to maintain a regular oral hygiene routine. This is a cost effective form of dental implant surgery, and an alternative to traditional dentures when several teeth need to be replaced.

What steps are required as part of the dental implant procedure?

When teeth are lost for any reason, there are also a number of potential physical ramifications in addition to the aesthetic impact, such as bone loss and damage to gum tissue. This is why it is important to seek professional advice and treatment from a professional, qualified dentist who specialises in dental implant surgery. When you visit our Adelaide treatment rooms and have a consultation with a member of the oral surgeon team, we will be able to answer any questions you may have about undergoing tooth implants, and explain the various options and processes in full:

The first step will be a comprehensive examination to discover whether new teeth in the form of dental implants are the appropriate solution, given your specific needs, circumstances and budget. These can include metal, ceramic or ceramic-coated metal endosseous implants, subperiosteal implants (metal framework inserted below the gum tissue), and transosteal implants, consisting of a metal pin or frame.

This may then be followed by X-rays to determine the appropriate implant placement, depending on whether its a single tooth or several teeth that need to be replaced.

Extractions may be need to be undertaken if there is excessive tooth decay present, or when natural tooth roots have significantly deteriorated.

Jaw bone grafting may be determined to be an appropriate form of treatment if significant bone loss has occurred, thereby impacting on overall bone structure.

A key part of this process will be deciding on the most appropriate placement of your new teeth, and where the implant crown that screws onto the implant post should be placed.

When is a ceramic, metal-free implant the right choice?

Sometimes an alternative approach to implant surgery is required for patients who are allergic to metal, or would prefer not to have metal fitted, in the form of 100% metal free dental implants. If this is the case, we can fit implants that are produced from zirconia ceramic, and which contain no metal or plastic. At the same time, non-metal implants are highly functional, match the colour and look of your natural teeth, and enable you to maintain an effective oral hygiene routine.

Dental implant FAQs

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