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A healthy smile starts from the first tooth. At Adelaide’s Burnside Dental Practice, we look after all your child’s dental needs. Whether your child has dental pain, dental trauma or just needs their regular checkup, we’re here to help. A visit to the dentist can be a daunting experience, which is why our team of dentists and oral health therapists are committed to making the visit comfortable and stress free. Our oral health therapists are specially trained in the needs of children, and work closely with our dentists to provide a positive experience for children of all ages.

We can provide treatment to your children in a child-friendly environment, where both you and your children can feel comfortable and relaxed. For children who are slightly anxious regarding treatment we are happy to offer happy gas (Nitrous oxide) as an option.

A Positive Experience For Your Child

We facilitate in creating a dental home for your child. Seeing your child from an early age helps them become more comfortable in the dental setting, and this helps them to be confident as well as comfortable when visiting the dentist in the future and into adulthood. It also assists them to be motivated in having good oral hygiene.
We tick all the boxes for making your child feel comfortable at the dentist.
We accept the Child Dental Benefit Scheme and are preferred providers for many health funds, like BUPA, Medibank and HCF, meaning that often treatment is gap-free.

Prevention Is The Key To Our Philosophy.

Our focus is on preventative dentistry with education and awareness of good dental habits.
  • Good dental habits start at an early age, so your child’s first dental appointment should be no later than their first birthday. We recommend six monthly examinations, cleans, and fluoride application.
  • Our qualified oral health therapists also give oral hygiene instruction and place preventative “fissure seals” on teeth where needed.
  • Our aim is to lay a foundation for dental health that will help your child keep their natural teeth for life with minimal restorations.
  • Besides paediatric dental treatment, we also help to educate children and parents on how to look after children’s teeth. We offer advice on healthy eating habits and proper brushing techniques to avoid tooth decay.
  • If dental treatment is required our Dental team will do to what they can to offer a positive and pleasant environment for your child. If we feel that treatment may be a challenge for your child then options of a referral to a pediatric dental specialist may be advised.
  • At Burnside Dental we like to work closely with your child’s orthodontist while your child is undergoing their orthodontic treatment. We often recommend more frequent dental visits during this time for routine cleans and assist in maintaining a good level of oral hygiene. Ultimately this gives your child a much better finished result on completion of their orthodontic treatment.
  • We are there for you and your child from regular routine dental visits, to mouthguards and emergency dental care.
  • As a parent if you notice any changes in your child’s mouth, teeth or gums do not hesitate in contacting us at Burnside Dental and will be more than happy to arrange a suitable time.
We accept the Medicare – Child Dental Benefit Scheme and are preferred providers for many health funds, like BUPA, Medibank, CBHS and HCF, meaning that often treatment is gap-free.

A Mouthguard Is An Important Part Of Your Child’s Sporting Equipment.

We offer custom-made mouthguards to protect your child’s teeth and the surrounding structures from injury during sports and play.

The right mouth guard can keep your child athlete smiling on and off the field. The best mouth guard option for your child athlete is a custom sports mouth guard fitted by your child’s dentist. These guards consist of the highest-quality, longest-lasting materials and fit your child’s teeth perfectly, which enables these guards to minimise injuries to the greatest extent.

Unlike the ‘stock’ mouthguards available over-the-counter, custom-fitted mouthguards are designed to be comfortable. They shouldn’t drop out your child’s mouth during play or inhibit breathing or speech, making them easier to wear while playing.

A properly fitted mouthguard will help protect your child’s mouth in the event of a blow that could potentially cause some serious damage to their teeth, soft tissue and jaw.

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At Burnside Dental and Implant Centre, we believe that quality treatment should be easily accessible for you and your family. For your convenience, we accept all major health funds to ensure your smile transformation journey can begin immediately.

A range of finance options and payment method plans are also made available for our general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and implant services so you can smile now and pay as you like.


A common question we are often asked when it comes to children and their teeth is ‘why do baby teeth need to be restored if they are going to fall out’?

It is just as important to restore a baby tooth as it is to restore an adult tooth. Tooth decay can spread from one tooth to another. If a baby tooth is not restored there is the risk of infection, pain and swelling as well as losing the tooth prematurely. This can then lead to space loss and prevent the adult tooth from erupting in the correct position.

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