Ceramic Dental Implants

Ceramic Dental Implants in Adelaide

When you need to replace one or more missing teeth, there are multiple options available for you to consider, including ceramic. Burnside Dental Practice is a leading ceramic implant clinic in Adelaide, with a team of empathetic experts who can provide tailored solutions for patients of all ages. We’re proud to offer the highest quality ceramic dental implants, also known as zirconia dental implants, as an alternative to titanium dental implants in order to improve aesthetics and functionality.

What is a Zirconia Tooth Implant?

First discovered in the eighteenth century, Zirconia has recently been used for various medical and dental applications due to its high biocompatibility. Ceramic zirconia dental implants were approved by the FDA in 2007 and have since become known for their exceptional strength and tooth-like appearance. In addition, they integrate well with the bone which grows around the material like natural tooth roots.

What are the Benefits of Ceramic Zirconia Dental Implants?

A ceramic zirconia tooth implant offers various benefits, some of which include:

  • 100% metal and plastic free to address patients with sensitivities
  • Used successfully for over 20 years for prosthetic joints
  • Non-allergenic and minimal sensitivity to temperature
  • No reported impact on taste or enjoyment of foods
  • Natural looking for outstanding aesthetic results
  • Causes little plaque retention or gum inflammation

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