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Common Signs You Need to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed

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The name ‘wisdom teeth’ sounds lovely but can cause people a lot of pain and suffering. Your wisdom teeth are usually back molars that come down around 17-25 years of age. They can come in later, in some patients as late as their early thirties.

Not every person that has wisdom teeth will need them removed but wisdom tooth removal is a very common procedure. The pain you are experiencing can be due to wisdom teeth growing in or wisdom teeth growing sideways. Your wisdom can also be ’impacted’ which means your jaw is too small for your wisdom teeth or the teeth may be growing at an angle, which will prevent them from growing into your mouth correctly.    

If you feel you are suffering from the effects of wisdom teeth pain, book an appointment with your trusted dentist. Your dentist can take an X-ray of your mouth and determine the best course of treatment. 

Wisdom tooth pain symptoms

Sometimes you can’t be sure that you are suffering from wisdom teeth pain or another issue. Here are some signs to be on the lookout for:

  • Aching sensation around the jawbone. There may be a throbbing or stiffness
  • Swelling or inflammation at the back of the mouth where the teeth are coming through. This can also be from impacted wisdom teeth or your wisdom teeth growing sideways. 
  • Trouble chewing or swallowing food
  • Bad breath
  • Pain when moving your jaw
  • Bad taste in your mouth

Problems that wisdom teeth cause if they’re not dealt with

Problems that wisdom teeth cause if they’re not dealt with

The inflammation caused by wisdom teeth can cause you to be more vulnerable to infection. You need to seek treatment from a dentist as soon as you can so further issues don’t develop as a result.

While you are waiting to see the dentist there are some remedies that you can use in the meantime. 

  • Mouthwash after brushing your teeth
  • Warm salty water 
  • OTC pain medication such as ibuprofen and paracetamol (however let your dentist know what medication you’ve taken). There are some soothing gum preparations such as SM-33 that can be applied to the area that’s causing you pain.

Contact Your Trusted Adelaide Dentist

Wisdom tooth removal is a very common surgery and here at Burnside Dental, we are experienced at wisdom teeth surgery. Your extraction is in expert hands and we will give you a full list of post-surgery instructions so your recovery is quick and comfortable. 

Please note: Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure. There are risks involved with any surgical procedure. Please discuss this with your trusted health professional. 

Call us today with any questions you may have or book an appointment. 

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