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Braces Versus Clear Aligners (Invisalign): Which Suits Me Best?

There are so many dental treatments available on the market these days. In the realm of teeth-straightening, there are two major competitors that spring to mind: braces and clear aligners. (If clear aligners sound unfamiliar to you, you may know them as Invisalign: the most popular brand of clear aligners.) 

Braces, the more traditional option of the two, are those unsightly train tracks that are stuck to your teeth for one to three years. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are plastic trays custom-made for your smile. They’re removable and others hardly notice they’re there.

If that last paragraph wasn’t enough of a tell, Burnside Dental is a strong advocate for clear aligners in Adelaide. With aesthetics, flexibility, and convenience on their side, we say these innovative, custom-made solutions would suit anyone best. If you’re looking for Invisalign in Adelaide, call us on (08) 8364 2557 or book an appointment via our online portal.

But, for now, let’s return to our case for Invisalign treatment and why it would suit anyone better than braces.

They are masters of invisibility

As the name would suggest, Invisalign treatment is like an invisible cloak for your teeth—and when we say ‘invisible cloak’, we mean this in a more literal sense than you may, at first, think. Although Invisalign is not a cloak that turns your teeth invisible, it itself is a transparent covering that lets your teeth shine through. It aligns your teeth with a stealthiness that not even a set of clear braces could achieve.

Teeth straightening is not something you want to draw attention to. In terms of aesthetics, clear aligners trump braces by virtue of disguising their appearance. This irony is not unlike the Buddhist belief that sacrificing your own nirvana is the greatest indicator that you deserve it (although it is a lot less dramatic).

They don’t get in the way

Anyone who’s ever had braces can speak to the irony of braces disrupting dental routines. How, indeed, can you brush your teeth when there’s a set of braces there maintaining an implacable hold on them? Getting dental floss in there would be an issue, too, and don’t get us started on how hard eating would be. 
Luckily, there is Invisalign available in Adelaide, and you can remove it whenever you need to. You need only wear it 22 hours per day, so removing it when required will not affect or undo its good work. Compare this to relentless braces that can won’t let anything go—including leftover food particles. Gross!

They don’t overstay their welcome

Disclaimer: for more severe cases, braces and clear aligners tend to stick around for similar durations. However, for the most part, clear aligners achieve their objectives faster than braces do.

The irony is they work two fewer hours a day than braces do—22 hours versus 24 hours—and still achieve average turnaround times of six to 12 months. Compare this to braces, which need a minimum of one year to work and can take up to three. If you ever needed to show your boss that work breaks benefit productivity, give this comparison as an example.

They’re as comfortable as mouth inserts can be

Nothing you wear in your mouth for prolonged periods is going to be comfortable. However, clear aligners make the best of a bad situation. Braces are not renowned for their comfort and can even be a little painful. Whilst we cannot guarantee a pain-free experience, clear aligners are the closest thing to a comfortable mouth insert you’re going to get. Products like Invisalign shouldn’t hurt too much, if at all. They sit over the teeth rather than fixing themselves to them. Need we go on

Invisalign in Adelaide

If your crooked smile could use some straightening, there’s a dentist in Adelaide that can help. Burnside Dental provides smile solutions in the form of clear aligners—namely Invisalign—in Adelaide that can get your teeth back on track pulling out the old train tracks. There’s no further need to Google ‘dentist near me’—book an appointment at Burnside Dental today either online or via the phone: (08) 8364 2557. We can’t help to set your smile straight again.