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10 Reasons You Should Extract Wisdom Teeth

Do you have yours yet? Wisdom teeth are those pesky molars that pop up as we grow into adults – and many dread their arrival. Wisdom teeth are the extra set of molars that form behind the first and second molars, usually before you are 25.

1. Pain

As your wisdom teeth begin to erupt, you will often experience pain in your jaw and mouth. The wisdom tooth causes the gum to swell, often becoming irritated and causing pain. 


If you are already experiencing pain from your wisdom tooth erupting, you may not be able to clean around it as effectively as needed. This can lead to a buildup of food and debris, leading to plaque and infection. Furthermore, if your wisdom tooth is already partially erupted, it makes it even more difficult to clean, leading to gum swelling, and tooth decay, and infection called pericoronitis

3. Decay

Similar to infection, decay is nearly inevitable if you aren’t able to properly maintain your oral hygiene. Decay not only leads to a need for further treatment, but also makes simple dental treatments, such as fillings, a bit more difficult.

4.Gum disease

All of this decay and potential for infection can result in an increased likelihood of gum disease.

5.Cysts and tumours

Impacted wisdom teeth can develop cysts (fluid filled sacs), as well as benign growths. If left untreated, both can spread and cause damage to the jaw bone and teeth.

6.Cheek sores and ulcers

If your wisdom tooth grows at an awkward angle, it can lead to repeated rubbing and irritation to your cheek. Even worse, you might find yourself biting into your cheek while eating, leading to painful sores and ulcers.

7. Damage to surrounding teeth

Not only can impacted teeth lead to decay of the surrounding area, but you might also experience damage to your other teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth often put pressure on surrounding structures and may lead to the reabsorption of root structures.

8. Misalignment

Wisdom teeth often erupt at later stages of life, often after many go through orthodontic treatment. If your wisdom teeth erupt awkwardly, you may end up with crowded and/or damaged teeth. 

9. Sinus issues

One of the lesser known side effects of wisdom tooth impaction – sinus issues! Your upper wisdom teeth roots may be located close to the sinuses, causing pressure as they erupt. Headaches, congestion, sinus pain and infections are all common outcomes for those in this situation.

10. Age

As you grow older, so does your jaw bone. This results in lower elasticity and increased potential for impacted wisdom teeth.

If you have an impacted wisdom tooth causing a lot of pain, it is likely you will need to see an emergency dentist near you. We recommend calling ASAP and our wonderful staff can talk you through the process and wisdom teeth removal costs.
Do what you can to avoid wisdom tooth complications by speaking to your dentist about wisdom tooth extraction in Adelaide today.